Create Therefore is a podcast where we dive deep into the minds and hearts of artists, creators and innovators.

Everything from their origin stories, their weird rituals and quirks and also what drives them to spend their time on earth creating for a living. 

We are not afraid to get raw with our guests and explore their failures and short-comings.

Often these "failures" are the most valuable and inspiring stories our guests can share. 



Darius Bashar - Host

Darius is a photographer, writer and podcaster, but before any of that he is a soul having a "human experience". 


Sal Talon - Producer

Sal Talon is a vibrant and edgy creator who plays within many mediums, including music, visual art, writing, video, and crafts. Her edge comes from a willingness to dig deep into feelings (even the unpleasant ones). Sal channels her boundless energy into taking projects from ideation to publication.