Episode 01 - Sal Talon

Sal Talon is a vibrant and edgy creator who plays within many mediums, including music, visual art, writing, video, and crafts.

Her edge comes from a willingness to dig deep into feelings (even the unpleasant ones). Sal channels her boundless energy into taking projects from ideation to publication.



Sometimes shit goes wrong. Sometimes plans fall through. This week on the podcast, our host Darius Bashar forgot to book a guest.

So, he had to make some last minute plans to make sure the show would go on. He called in a favour to one of his oldest homies.

See if you can recognize our guest this week.



“I am a human being evolving everyday. My pronoun is she but you'll hardly catch me in a dress. I am a POC, I am a Muslim but the only religion I practice is love, I am a womxn, I am a Canadian born to immigrant parents. I am awake, I can feel the lives of my ancestors in my blood - I am patient, I am strong and after finally finding the courage to leave my cushy corporate gig behind me three years ago, I am free to pursue my purpose. 

I am, and always will be a self taught multi disciplinary artist inspired by darkness, light and the cracks in between.”


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EPISODE 04 - Parul Bansal

Sourcing and leveraging unused, transient spaces in Toronto to host artist residencies. The theme of this residency is art intersecting urbanism. The aim is to put a spotlight on singular, and wasteful, use of spaces due to various restrictions (e.g city zoning) while amidst a housing shortage. Re-imagining space through art and practical use of space for art creation. 

Partnering with real estate developers to find spaces in transition. In addition to art creation, we will be curating the programming for the space. We look forward to hosting city building conversations, artist talks, community events and the finale for the space would be a gallery showcasing art made by the residents.


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EPISODE 05 - Jordan Paul

Canadian singer-songwriter and composer making music for the down-trodden.

"If Queen, Mimicking Birds, Radiohead, and Led Zeppelin all had a beautiful love-child–thy name would be Jordan Paul." – Jer, music journalist (Sleeping Bag Studios, British Columbia)

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EPISODE 06 - Marcos Mendosa

Marcos has been acknowledged as a creative and expressive mind consciously equipped to contribute his various talents and skills to millennials around the world. Marcos been known for his talent as a Public Speaker that fuses Music with Motivational Speaking at his acclaimed “Performance Seminars. Seminar Curator As a Speaker he uses Atmospheric Design to provide audiences with an Educational and Entertainment value that leaves lasting impressions by creating moments in his speeches that trigger emotional intelligence to become activated.

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